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If you make a great product that is fairtrade, fairmade, local, healthy, chemical-free, sustainable, organic, ecological, compostable, bio-degradable, recyclable, repairable, privacy-safe, open-source, plastic-free, animal-friendly or vegan — we are here to help you increase your sales!

Each brand that we provide a sales platform for is trying to build a better world. Our mission is to help you and other brands like you reach a greater market. We do this by giving you an extra sales channel via our online marketplace. And of course, our fees are lower than those at other marketplaces, so that more of the profit ends up with you.

our fees: low and social

Our fees are honest and transparent.

A percentage of all sales we generate for you is used to keep our own platform running. We ask no platform fees and no monthly or annual fees. This way, we only earn money when you earn money. Your success is our success! It also the most ethical way to work: you never pay unless we generate earnings for you.

Our fees are 7.5% of your gross sales revenue. Here below, you can see what other marketplaces ask you to pay for being allowed to sell on their platforms:

MarketplaceAnnual subscription feeFixed fee per product% fee per product
Amazon$ 479,98depends on product8-15%

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