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If you make a great product that is fairtrade, fairmade, local, healthy, chemical-free, sustainable, organic, ecological, compostable, bio-degradable, recyclable, repairable, privacy-safe, open-source, plastic-free, animal-friendly or vegan — we want to help you increase your sales!

We love the brands we work with. Each one is trying to build a better world. Our mission is to help these brands reach a greater market. This is our way to build a better world. We focus on the ecosystem, on making your product available in the right stores, so you can focus on making a great product.

how we work

As Beaverz, we build a more ethical shopping ecosystem and help our great brands navigate it.

We help our brands do a number of things:

  • We get your product into the right physical stores, so that customers who might be interested in your product come across it when they go shopping.
  • We get your product into the right online stores and into (shopping) search engines, so that customers can find your product online.
  • We connect your brand with the right distributors and wholesalers in any number of countries.
  • We set up dropshipping for your brand, so that online stores can easily add your products to their customers.
  • If you need help with getting your product ready for sales, we have a great network of designers, communication specialists, marketeers, and sustainable and co2-neutral warehousing, packaging and transport businesses. For any other help you need, such as legal or financial assistance, we can also connect you with the right people.

Each brand is different and wants different assistance in getting their product sold. As Beaverz, we are flexible: we help in the areas where you need it.

our fee

Our fees are honest and transparent.

We charge a fixed percentage of all sales we generate for you. This way, we only earn money when you earn money. If we generate zero, you pay zero. This way, your success is our success: it gives us a financial stimulus to help you sell more of your products! It also the most ethical way to work: you never pay unless we generate earnings for you.

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