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helping you find great products

If your store is looking to expand its offering of fairtrade, fairmade, local, healthy, chemical-free, sustainable, organic, ecological, compostable, bio-degradable, recyclable, repairable, privacy-safe, open-source, plastic-free, animal-friendly or vegan products — we can help you find the right brands!

Our approach is different from most other sales agents. Where it is common to start with the brand, and market those, we start with the stores. We first speak to you and explore what kind of products you are looking for. We then look for the right products among the brands we already work with. If the right brands are not there, we approach them, and get them interested in your store!

our brands

As Beaverz, we build a more ethical shopping ecosystem and help stores find the right brands.

We love the brands we work with. Each one is trying to build a better world. Our mission is to help these brands reach a greater market. This is our way to build a better world. We focus on the ecosystem, on connecting your store with the right products, so that your customers can enjoy what they have to offer.

our fee

Our fees are honest and transparent.

We charge a fixed percentage of all sales agreements we generate for you. This way, we only earn money when you earn money. If we generate zero, you pay zero. This way, your success is our success: it gives us a financial stimulus to make the right brands available in your store! It also the most ethical way to work: you never pay unless we generate earnings for you.

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